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Hi there. What we believe here at inkmypapers is simple: We treat every assignment as if our own. This means that:



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How it works?

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Please include all important information for the assignment including assignment brief, lecture notes (if any), marking rubric (if any) and additional instructions from the lecturer.


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Your order will then be managed by a dedicated manager who may contact you should he/she needs further clarification. If you have any questions or additional instructions, feel free to contact your dedicated manager at any time as well!

Order Completion!

Your order will be sent to your email on or before the deadline you've stated on the order form. Should you have any revision request, you can contact your dedicated manager about it :) All orders come with free, 10-day unlimited revision request

Here are the files you will receive

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  • Quality Control Report

Did you know?

Despite claiming otherwise, most assignment services that offer incredibly low prices are really based in India. Many of them have very poor, if any, quality control.




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